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Santa's Hood




Thanks to all the digital artists who bring love to the 2016 edition!
Junior graphic developer
Clement Chenebault
Mad boy from Goodboy
Nicolas Daniel
Creative dev cooking caribou with the Akufen crew in Montreal
Bruno Imbrizi
She said I am the one, who will dance on the floor in the round
Damien Seguin
Can't stop, addicted to the shindig, chop top, he says I'm gonna win big, choose not a life of imitation.
Antoine Martin
25y/o Parisian enjoying this funky city and currently working at 84.Paris
Guillaume Kurkdjian
French illustrator/animator who likes climbing on trees.
Raphaël Améaume
Coding stuff / eating poutines in Montréal
Valentin Daguenet
Freelance Creative Developer who like to make things move with code.
Guillaume Lanier
Human coding tool with Math.random() purposes @resn
William Mapan
yolo @makemepulse
Maxime Montegnies
Writing code for pixels
Christophe Massolin
I am Furious
Florentin Monteil
Writing code, and stuff, and things
Israel Pastrana
Creative technology and a nickel bug of funk
Robin Delaporte
Bearded creative developer at Resn, coding if not drinking beers
Timothé Chesnin
London-based Interactive Designer, Former Gobelins
Jordan Machado
Creative Goodboyogist
Sophie Broche
Interactive designer, Board games lover and sushi-eater
Soufiane Lasri
Watching GIFs all day long at @AKQA
Jérémie Boulay
404 creative not found
Victor Laplace
David Ronai
Creative description writter
Mat Groves
Pixi.js' dad and Co-founder of Goodboy Digital
Fighting against the GPU, losing so far..
Creative gangster @makemepulse
Interactive pirate @biborg
Mathis Biabiany
Creative developer, struggling the Amsterdam Winter at Resn 😬
Patrick Heng
Still learning how to code ^.^ @MerciMichel @GobelinsParis
Morgan Villedieu
I paint pixels, one by one (in parallel)
Matt DesLauriers
creative dev @Jam3 in Toronto
Mathieu Martin
Creative technologist, designer of bug at DetailsCh
The coder, Frenchs with benefits
Steven Mengin
The painter, Frenchs with benefits
Damien Mortini
Sober since 3weeks, and maybe forever
Florian Zumbrunn
Baku Hashimoto
video director, media artist
Lost in an abstract low poly WebVR abyss
Sant Graui
Typing for the money


The project initiated by David Ronai started in 2012, with the goal to deliver great experiments and highlight top web creative as well as newcomers.

Year after year, it grows up, thanks to the participants, and inspire his visitors all around the world every months of december.

It’s an independent & non-profit project, not related to any company, made by the community and given to the community, Merry Xmas!



We make our selection of artists but surprise chocolates are always delicious, if you wanna join the adventure, tweet your christmasxp with the hashtag #chocolatexp to appears here :)